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KBIS Kohler new products booth


KBIS is the world’s largest tradeshow for kitchen and bathroom design and a wonderful place to introduce and announce new products and services. Our teams had a very busy year last year and put together an amazing catalogue of new products that can all be seen, tested and experiences at the trade show.KBIS Kohler exhibiton floor

Visitors were able to experience the new products, spot upcoming trends, find solutions to their bathroom designs, receiving the latest product and service information, and make connections with our staff at the booth off- and online.

If you were not able to attend, here is what you missed – products and services already on the market or soon coming to your market:

  • Technology:
    • Smart Home:
      Verdera voice lighted mirror that just won the CES Innovation Awards Honoree title, connecting Numi toilet, bathtub perfectFill/AutoFill, Sensate, smart warm, touchless Carafe 2.0, DTV+ shower with KOHLER Konnect, a Microsoft Azure Cloud solution.KBIS Kohler Konnect logo
    • ContinuousClean toilet technology:
      This new and worry-free way keeps the toilet cleaner longer. In combination with the newest flush technology, Revolution 360, ContinuousClean is a factory-installed system housed in the toilet tank to dispense a consistent dosage of cleaner. The cleaning tablet is placed in the designated compartment within the system and pressing button indicates a new tablet.
    • Kohler View:
      Just in time for KBIS and CES, we came out with the Kohler View AR app giving customers a new experience when designing the bathroom and visualizing the products right in their own space.KBIS Kohler View app rendering
  • Faucets:
    • Components bathroom faucet collection:
      In this collection, customers can choose their spouts, handles, and faucet finishes for a personalized design by mix and matching them.
    • Artifacts line extension:
      In response to popular demand and giving the customer even more flexibility for their designs, the new Gentleman’s bathroom sink faucet, free standing bath filler, flume spout, and cross handles have been added to the mix and match program. Plus, new lighting options for the bathroom will be available for this line as well.
    • Carafe 2.0 beverage faucet
    • Simplice line extension
      To extend your designs beyond the kitchen, Simplice now also comes in bar faucet and laundry faucet options, and touchless or semi-pro as it might fit the customers’ working style.
  • Sinks:
    • Farmstead cast iron kitchen sink
      A new look of a traditionally apron-front sink model and classic look makes this an attractive and beloved option for an often used kitchen.KBIS Kohler Farmstead sink
    • Prolific kitchen sink
      This highly functional kitchen workstation is the ideal addition for every chef or aspiring chef.
    • Artist Editions:
      • Dutchmaster Floral Collection: Midnight Floral  KBIS Kohler Artist Editions midnight floral
      • Kensho
        This is the newest stone sink addition to our Artist Editions.KBIS Kohler Artist Editions 1
  • Toilets:
    • Numi toilet in honed black
      This very intelligent toilet just got more stylish and is now available in jet-black.KBIS Kohler Numi black
    • Memoirs wall-hung toilet
      The elegant and timeless Memoirs line has been around for 20 years. This new toilet is ideal for smaller spaces.KBIS Kohler Memoirs toilet
  • Bathroom suite:
    • Veil bathroom suite
      We cannot say enough about Veil. The beautiful design of intelligent toilets, sinks, and bathtubs takes everyone’s breath away.KBIS Kohler Veil suite
  • Vibrant Finishes:
    • Ombré Vibrant
      This is the latest, brightest, and most artistic in our Vibrant faucet finishes collection.KBIS Kohler Ombre
    • Rose Gold
      The warm and brilliant faucet finishes color warms everyone’s heart and every room.
  • Accessories:
    • Step Trash Cans
      The careful selection of accessories such as trash cans is often neglected when designing a kitchen. No more, the Step Trash Can comes in different sizes and colors to complement your room designs. In addition to being pleasing to the eye, the trash cans are also functional with slow close and stay open lids and durable foot pedals and more.KBIS Kohler step trash can

In the next few weeks, we will be looking at some of these products and services in more detail, so make sure to check in with us regularly to get all the details and information you are looking for.


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