KBIS trending and gazing into crystal balls


The new product innovations, buzzing social media technologies and exquisite Kohler Original Recipe chocolate are not the only things that make us stand out at KBIS 2017. On Day 2, our innovation panel (broadcasted live on FB – see below) with Andrea Magno, Color and Design Expert, Benjamin Moore and Valentin Tijeras Garcia, Global Vice President of Product Innovation, Cosentino North America and Mark Bickerstaffe brought trend setters and trends gazers together.
Carisha Swanson, Market Editor at Hearst Design Group, as the moderator, and the panelists talked about constantly looking for global transformations, setting bars higher and redefining what is next in the market.They are acting as advisers to the clients projecting forward, unearthing innovations and taking risks predicting the next big thing. Ultimately they want to spark ideas, inspire the customers, create a reaction, and dare to lead, all while the trend story emerges.Bathroom trends are slower than fashion trends. Bathrooms are usually only redone every 10 to 15 years. So, the design is beyond stylish, it is enduring and sophisticated.

Overall, the panelists agreed that customers and markets all over the world are becoming more similar than five years ago. The world has moved closer together and is more unified.

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