KEC Sao Paulo is open for architects and designers

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A dazzling party with upbeat music, lots of Caipirinha, vodka, fruits, and balloons marked the opening of the KOHLER Experience Center – KEC Sao Paulo – on 6 December 2018. 

The long-awaited exclusive showroom space at Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva 663 brings the latest and most innovative products and services to the design-interested customers in Latin America’s biggest city.

Architects, designers, and invited guests joined the opening ceremony with Alexandre Pavao, director sales K&B Brazil, and Larry Yuen, president K&B Group, for presentations on Kohler developments in Brazil since its debut in 2014 and a 145-year anniversary of the company and rounds of toasts.

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The latest KOHLER Design Center in the series marks the entry into the South American market and is a significant addition to the KECs in New York City, London, Delhi, Taipei, Singapore, Bangkok, and Los Angeles. As one of the design centers in the world with lots of European influences, Sao Paulo is the ideal location for designers from many different places to gain insights into global design and pick up the latest trends in bathroom and kitchen design.

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The exclusive showroom provides information and the most up-to-date information on showers, bathtubs, fixtures, toilets, and offers clients a global specification service online where they can see available products all over the world.

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Modern Brazilian design is known for its vibrant colors, frequent use of wood, expert craftsmanship on materials and fabrics. The new KEC Sao Paulo mirrors these trends with its contemporary, fresh designs in the creative, intriguing space.

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Iconic architecture, art, furniture design, and home decoration items define the scene that stems from heritage, rebellion and the embrace of the modern world of a megapolis. In this hotchpotch the KEC Sao Paulo fits right in with a wide variety of products and ranges.

KEC Sao Paulo _MG_7209

The party and guests celebrated the richly faceted culture and the vast possibilities that customers, design professionals, homeowners, and design-forward thinking people will have to imagine and realize their new or renovated spaces with innovative and state-of-the-art products.  During the festivities influencer Fabiana Justus kept her audience updated on the happenings on location.

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