KEC in Shanghai opens during Design Shanghai


The ninth KOHLER Experience Center in the world, KEC Shanghai opened on March 6, 2019, on Nanjing Road in the center of Shanghai, China. The flagship store displaying the latest and most innovative products and designs follows the other KECs in New York, London, New Delhi, Taipei, Bangkok, Singapore, Los Angeles, and Sao Paulo.

KEC Shanghai 1

Guests stepped in from the chilly March weather in China’s economic center into the generous and well-lit space of the KEC Shanghai. At the entrance an oversized faucet greeted everyone with glittering ‘water’ gushing out onto the floor. After signing in, VIPs had a chance to sign the backdrop wall with a golden pen.

KEC Shanghai 2

In addition to well-known architects and designers from Shanghai, Ed Ng of AB Concept who designed the space and whose studio is based in Hong Kong was present. During the official part of the evening, he gave a presentation of the design concept for the generous space clad in dark, porous stone reminding slightly of moonstone but with an elegant touch.

KEC Shanghai 3

The high ceilings and the well-placed product displays leave customers with enough space to dream of their own designs and ideas.

KEC Shanghai 4

Over the four floors of the KEC Shanghai, there are more new products and items to discover that can be counted. During the opening, guests wandered around with their heart-warming drinks to marvel at contemporary to forward-thinking design.

KEC Shanghai 5

At the top, not only a terrace with views of downtown Shanghai awaits but a large spa space accommodates customers who want to experience the products first-hand, directly at the store, or take a breather before venturing out into the showroom again. It is by appointment only and as unique as the space in New York.

KEC Shanghai 6

The opening event marked another highlight. David Kohler, president and CEO of Kohler Company, joined the festivities at the KEC Shanghai to have a first and closer look at the artfully laid-out space. In his opening remarks, he mentioned that Kohler Company has been in China for more than 23 years. The relationship with China is even longer as we were already trading and selling to Shanghai in the 1920s.

KEC Shanghai 7

Delicious food, music, and funky cocktails enticed guests to linger after the speeches were over and the performances subsided into the background. Now, the KEC Shanghai is truly open and customers are welcome to experience it throughout the week and until late into the day.

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