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KEC SGP opening


We all love a good party in Asia.KEC SGP facadeThe beginning of the last week in August 2017 saw the opening of the KEC Taipei with dancers and celebrities and lots of media, shortly after the atmosphere was a bit calmer and more melodious as the KEC Bangkok celebrated the opening with classical, more traditional Thai vocalists to amuse the invited guests and cater to their expectations in Bangkok. KEC SGP colorful lavatoryBut then the management was ready for a really good party with light shows, balloons and all the shebang.KEC SGP facadeWelcome to Kohler Experience Center (KEC) Singapore. Here we did exactly as described and a bit more. KEC SGP faucet displayThe lights on the historic façade of the conservation shop house were just the beginning. Entering the retail space the guests’ senses were attacked – in a good way – by a colorful potpourri of light, changing hues, colors, and a music cocktail that left no guests’ heart untouched.KEC SGP colorful display and modelKEC Singapore was designed by the well-known design firm LTW. The designers usually focus on hospitality projects but were more than happy to take up the challenge with this innovative assignment. KEC Singapore occupies the ground floor of two conservation shop houses and the second and third floor of one in Peck Seah Street in Tanjong Pagar – more or less opposite the Red Dot Singapore museum.KEC SGP outsideAfter the welcoming speeches by David Kohler and Larry Yuen, LTW designers took the microphone to share their experience with the KEC concept and its interpretation in Singapore. And then the wait was over – the guests walked across the street to admire the light show on the building front, a pretty rare occurrence in Singapore.

Inside the fun was not over by a long stretch. Guests were invited to explore the showroom and venture out into one of the five zones: Fashion, High Tech, Family, Classic, and Black. KEC SGPOr to mingle in the Artist Editions space and enjoy the fine drinks and finger food served throughout the evening.
KEC SGP Artist EditionsAs in the other KECs, a dedicated space for art is not missing. In Singapore, we are currently displaying ‘Born in Taiwan’ by Taiwanese artist Wu Peishan and ‘Time Artifacts’ by Singaporean artist Thomas Cheong. KEC SGP art piece

KEC SGP art pieceBoth of them participated in our art program Bold. Art. in 2014-2016.KEC SGP interiorsOur KEC in Singapore is the third that opened in Asia and the sixth KEC worldwide. Other KECs are located in New York, London, New Delhi, Taipei, and Bangkok.

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