Kips Bay Decorator House 2018 – megamansion transformed

KIPS Bay Decorator House SashaBikoff stair case

The Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club pulled it off again in 2018. The latest Kips Bay Decorator House at 110 East 76th Street and Park Avenue in New York City, USA, is one of the most stunning locations yet. 40858283172_b9f2c6856c_zFor the past 46 years, the supporters of the Club have organized the annual decorator house in different locations in New York City, and last year for the first time in Palm Beach, Florida. With the entrance prices of USD 40 each and further donations, the Club raises about 20% of its yearly revenue with this activity. In return, the public gets to experience the best furnishing, art, and technology in interior design in New York City, the US, and internationally. Interior design trends are revealed here and design enthusiasts see what’s hot in current interior architecture.

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The six-story, 15,000-square-foot townhouse near Central Park and the Museum Mile is a megamansion. It is the fusion of six brownstone houses and it is the biggest of its style in the neighborhood. The current asking price is USD 51 million. KIPS Bay Decorator House ID Sasha-Biko stair caseActually, at the moment, it is probably a lot more because the 22 renowned designers who collaborated on the decorator house in the last few months put a lot more in it. Industry names such as Drake/Anderson, Juan Montoya, Bunny Williams, Katie Ridder, Alexa Hampton, Alessandra Branca, B.A. Torrey, Barbara Ostrom Associates, Brian del Toro, Clive Christian, Dan Fink, David Netto Design LLC, Marcia Tucker Interiors, Mark D. Sikes, Mark Hampton LLC, Michael Herold Design, Nievera Williams Design, Phillip Mitchell, Sasha Bikoff, Scott Sanders LLC, Steilish Interiors and Architecture, and Wesley Moon Inc. Design & Decoration transformed the building completely. Between 1 and 31 May 2018, it is open to the public to see what they have created and designed.ID 10-Marcia-Tucker-Interiors Kohler Bathroom These top New York City interior designers used the 36-foot wide townhouse with its grand staircase, eight bedrooms, and 10 bathrooms as a canvas for their design ideas. They were supported by 17 sponsors that comprise among others us, Elle Décor, Architectural Digest, HouseBeautiful, Philips, Cambria, and the Rug Company.KIPS Bay Decorator House zac49481_rgb Over the next few weeks, Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club is expecting around 15,000 visitors to the house. They will be enveloped in premier interior designs and learn about the Club’s mission to help and support underprivileged youth in their development.

KIPS Bay Decorator House ID 11Nievera-Williams-Designs-garden-terrace

Since the inception of the Club, more than USD 21 million has been raised with the decorator house alone. With these funds, more than 10,000 young children in nine locations in the Bronx were reached and their lives transformed. There is a good chance that visitor numbers will be reached or even exceeded this year as at the opening night alone more than 1,000 people attended the party.KIPS Bay Decorator House zac49420_ Kohler Bathroom

Sources: some photos are courtesy of Kips Bay Decorator House, Nickolas Sargent, Interior Design, Architectural Digest, Sasha Bikoff

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