KIPS Bay Decorator Show house – boxing matches, herringbone floors

Manhattan KIPS Decorator show house

KIPS Decorator show house entryWe joined more than 20 design firms as official plumbing sponsor for this year’s Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club Decorator Show House project.
KIPS decorator show house NYCThe project raises awareness and funds for Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club that has been in operation for more than 100 years. Originally the Kips Bay Neighborhood Association organized boxing matches to deter local boy gangs from mischief. KIPS decorator show house toiletToday, the organization provides essential funds for after school and enrichment programs for kids ages 6 to 18. The majority (98%) come from minority backgrounds and disadvantaged and disfranchised environments and most of them attend school in District 8 in New York City.KIPS decorator show houseKips provides these talented young Bronx kids with activities that will help them stay in school, get through school, graduate and eventually move on to college.
KIPS Decorator show houseThe Kips Bay decorator show house project is, however, much more than a worthwhile charity activity for us. It links great architecture, design and our notion of gracious living perfectly.
KIPS Decorator show house This year’s decorator house is the former China Institute headquarters in New York City. In 1904 this neo-Georgian style Manhattan townhouse was commissioned by Frederick S. Lee who hired Charles A. Platt as a designer. KIPS decorator show housePlatt who also designed President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Manhattan townhouse created an “American Renaissance” model building at 125 East 65th Street.KIPS decorator show houseHis love for details is visible in every nook and cranny of the 18-room 9,000 square feet house, the rooftop garden with views of downtown New York, and 1,050 square feet rock garden.
KIPS decorator show houseOn the livable four floors (there are six in total) Platt’s characteristic wood paneling including in the kitchen with a fire place and herringbone floors are visible. KIPS decorator show house toiletThe red-brick estate comprises six bathrooms for which we provided the products and services in this latest refurbishing project.KIPS decorator show house bathroomChina Institute has received this exclusive home as a donation from the Luce Foundation in 1944 and called it its home until 2015 when the Institute moved to a new location downtown. KIPS decorator show houseSince then exclusive house has been on the market and Sotheby’s currently offers it for almost 27 million USD.
The Kips Bay Decorator show house can be visited until the beginning of June 2017. KIPS decorator show houseIt is a great opportunity and well sought out by design enthusiasts who are looking for the latest design trends and inspirations.KIPS decorator show house

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