Kitchen and Bath China 2019 awaits a full house in Shanghai

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On Monday, May 27, 2019, the latest edition of Asia’s leading kitchen and bath trade show has opened the gates to attendees: Kitchen and Bath China 2019 is officially open for business.

Kitchen and Bath China 2019

The ‘kitchen and bathroom’ market is growing globally and expected to expand in the coming years with the growing middle class and the trend of more single households. Although the units become smaller and more compact, each needs kitchen and bathroom space.

One of the biggest trade shows in the kitchen and bath industry in the world brings the latest and best products and services to market in its 24th edition. The Kitchen and Bath China 2019 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) is probably the best and most efficient meeting place for kitchen and bath professionals.

Kitchen and Bath China 2019

From May 27 to 30, experts, architects, designers, engineers, developers, distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers mingle among large numbers of exhibits that are showcased in the 17 exhibitions halls in Shanghai.

Every year over 100,000 visitors are touring the trade floors for the latest trends in the industry. Following the huge success at KBIS 2019 in Las Vegas, it is expected to see even more daring colors and more connected technologies in China.

Kitchen and Bath China 2019

Over the four days of the trade fair, conference talks, business meetings, and showcases reveal to delegates all there is to know about kitchen and bathrooms in 2019.

Kitchen and Bath China 2019

Whether taking backsplashes in the kitchen to a new level with diversified materials and colors as we have seen in the Kips Bay Decorator Show House recently or playing with colors on cabinets or even bathroom fixtures, the flexibility of design comprising materials, textures, patterns, colors, and finishes is astounding.

The KOHLER Shadows Color Collection on cast iron products is one one of the many possibilities in the mix.

Kitchen and Bath China 2019

Delegates roam the trade show halls for more technology and more connected technology. The overarching trend of voice-controlled products is visible in both kitchen and bathroom areas. Whether it is a Verdera® voice lighted mirror or a pre-set, customized shower, customers are looking for more comfort and adaptability in products.

New technologies are not only integrated into the end-products for customer comfort but in the production process as well. As seen at KBIS in the USA, it was expected to discover a few more nuances and details in for example 3D printing at the Kitchen and Bath China 2019.

Kitchen and Bath China 2019

Many Chinese brands exhibit their products and services and many international brands have sought out collaborations with Chinese partners to advance in the area of technologies and the latest gadgets.

Kitchen and Bath China 2019

The Kohler China team is – as every year – at the trade show and happy to answer all your questions related to Kitchen and Bath challenges and opportunities.

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