Kitchen and Bathroom Design Trends Talk in Hong Kong

KOHLER Hong Kong recently hosted a talk titled Design Trends: Contemporary, Space, Colour and Intelligence, featuring the Director of New Product Development of Kohler, Mark Bickerstaffe and AB Concept Principal, Ed Ng, who shared their views on global trends in contemporary designs, colour and material trend, intelligent bathroom and space saving.

Successful talk with full-house audiences

Mark Bickerstaffe: It’s all about experience
Mark Bickerstaffe, the Director of New Product Development of Kohler said that the first thing for modern bathroom designs is experience. He believed that a modern bathroom is creating a whole new level of user experience, and with a smart usage of space, even a small flat can have a comprehensive bathroom. Mark stated that Kohler had been focusing on the user experience, hoping their users can enjoy their private time in the bathroom, and he believes that by intelligently using lines and colour, every bathroom can be unique.

Mark Bickerstaffe, the Director of New Product Development of Kohler

Intelligently Intelligent – The invisible and intuitive technology
Modern designers often look for high tech functions “The idea now of intelligence is to make technology invisible, unnoticeable,” explains Ed. The basic thing is to make all the intelligent functions invisible once people step in the room, Ed says, “imagine when you step in the room, the lighting is right, the temperature is right, the water temperature is just right at your fingertips. You should not recognize where technology is, but it is actually there. Invisibility and intuitiveness are the big words.”

AB Concept Principal, Ed Ng

Returning to the Basics, the Feeling of Home
The standard of good interior design is rising rapidly, and Ed Ng believes that the taste of modern interior design has changed completely. He said that a 5-star hotel-like room used to stand for luxurious and nobility, but the word hotel-like is more of a negative term nowadays. Ed thinks that people are looking for the feeling of home rather than of a hotel, and they hope to feel the comfort of home the moment they step in, which is why modern interior design is to create individuality in every home, and in which every home can tell a story.

Modern Space Usage – Think Smart to Manipulate It
Hong Kong apartments often have limited space, the task of designers became making a small flat look spacious, so does the bathrooms. Mark said KOHLER had been developing products to suit limited space. “The reality is the space of the bath was taken up, you now can choose the experience you want to create with your shower, and we have the best showering systems” said Mark. He is confident that KOHLER has been doing their best to manipulate space usage. “It’s about recognizing you just got to think smart. We recognize in a small space you can’t move very fast, and it’s all about putting layers and layers of storage and functionality into it.”

Enthusiastic guests at the talk

Playing with Colours – Bring a Whole New Feeling
Besides space usage, colour is also a key component for contemporary designs. Ed thinks that with good usage of colours, the designers get to show what they have in store. “A smart choice of colour gives designers a bigger flexibility, and it also gives people a feeling of individuality and a bespoke home,” Ed explained. He said that customers love the feeling of everything is tailor-made, and using special colours can help produce that feeling, Ed believes colour differentiates products with the others; and that’s what the customers like. Mark adds that KOHLER’s signature PVD technology allows them to feature more finishes, which provides the customers with a wide variety of colour choices in their faucets.


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