Kohler Kitchen products at KBIS 2019

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The second day of the kitchen and bath trade show KBIS has seen the setting sun over the Las Vegas desert. Visitors are probably overwhelmed by the vast product displays ranging from kitchen products to bathroom technologies and more. The great number of events provided an excellent platform to learn about the latest in kitchen trends, bathroom innovations and more.

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The KOHLER kitchen products shown at the show are not missing a beat in terms of designs, innovation, and functionality.

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One of our favorite materials is cast iron. What better way than to use it for the Farmstead contemporary kitchen sink? The modern interpretation of this statement piece adds utility and style to any kitchen. The wall-mount with legs or top-mount with cabinets made from KOHLER Enameled Cast Iron is 45 inches long and accommodates large pots and pans. It features accessories such as a walnut cutting board, a multipurpose grate, a utility rack, and towel bars.

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Something else Kohler Company has been famous for is the use of color. Consumers and kitchen designers are earning for more color and more variety for their creations. The new Tailor Apron Front sink addresses this wish to add individuality and color to a room. The customizable apron can be tile, countertop, own material, or sport one of the six curated front panel designs including etched stone, carved stone, or graphic apron.

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Designs and materials can only be topped by functionality. Or rather these should be complemented and enhanced with functionality. As seen at CES 2019, the Sensate® Touchless kitchen faucet with KOHLER Konnect technology made something of a splash at the technology show. And it continues to fascinate at KBIS. If you only wanted to buy one kitchen product this year, the Sensate faucet should be it. The voice-controlled kitchen assistant helps with multitasking by measuring water amounts precisely based on the users’ instructions, switches on and off when told, and does much more to facilitate a cook’s life.

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Similarly, the semi-professional kitchen sink faucets add joy to the home chefs’ lives. The Purist®and Bellera® collection were extended with these kitchen products that stand out for design, ergonomics, and functionality. The three-function spray heads with Sweep® Spray, Boost Technology, and an aerated stream are only one of the delights of the semi-professional kitchen sink faucets. The DockNetik® function that is a magnetic docking arm and the MasterClean spray face for easy-to-clean surfaces are additional points of note.

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All of these kitchen products love to be cleaned and well-kept. The cleaning agent Faucet Cleaner, Cast Iron Cleaner, Sink Drain Treatment, Degreaser for stovetops and microwaves, and kitchen surface cleaner for tiles, stone, and countertops are ideal to keep the products in pristine condition.

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This is just a glimpse of the novelties that we displayed a KBIS 2019. There are so many cool things and details that it is best to check out the booth in Las Vegas or visit our website www.kohler.com

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  1. From where can the new Tailor Sink with customizable apron be purchased and the cost range that can be expected for the six curated front panel designs and the panel left plain for customizing?
    Thank you.

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