Kitchen Remodeling Trends 2018

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While the bathroom is the space for individuality, the kitchen is the communal, social space in the house or apartment. Think about kitchen remodeling to design a space as attractively and functionally as possible. It should definitely be on the 2018 planning list.Kitchen remodeling DKGv8BmUMAA5rj2If you are doing a major redesign or renovation of the kitchen, here are a few tips that might help to optically (and otherwise) enlarge the space (if it is not already big).Kitchen remodeling _8467971213149339648_n

Go white and go slim
Turning the kitchen into a white space with white floors, tiles, and cabinets adds visual space. To actually optimize the space slimmer and shallower cabinets and appliances should be considered. Kitchen remodeling FurnitureOften the standard kitchen cabinets are not the most functional as things in the back are hard to reach. Or for a one- or two-person household, it isn’t absolutely necessary to have an industrial size refrigerator or dishwasher.Kitchen remodeling zac29350_cmykActually, a narrower, smaller dishwasher allows for a daily cycle with a full load where often with a bigger-sized appliance the dirty dishes either sit for a day or two or the dishwasher is run with a half load.Kitchen remodeling Technology in the kitchenAnother great way to make the room airier is to customize the fridge and dishwasher door panels to blend with the cabinets and shelves.

Trim down – Reduce fixtures and appliances sizes
Kitchen remodeling zac33602_rgbSimilarly to the refrigerator and the dishwasher, a simple sink rather than a double sink could be the answer to the space issue. Or if a simple sink is not sufficient, maybe a 1.5 sink will do. Along the same lines, the air vent hood above the stove can be uncovered. Kitchen remodeling _8630948029278453760_nThe cabinet-like encasing only adds weight to the look. Better to set it free, break-up the cabinet surface in the kitchen for a more varied look.

Beef up – smart storage
Reducing is one way to go, adding practical things is another. Trending in England are pantry cabinets with smart storage systems or if you do have a full pantry, a sliding door might leave you with more space in the kitchen. Kitchen remodeling zac37930_cmykPull-out work surfaces, roll-out drawers with glass fronts add extra space and are convenient and neat. On a smaller scale, using square containers instead of cylindrical, more space for the items inside are added and they are stored more easily without losing space.

Free up – Cabinets
To further reduce and give the illusion of more space, rethink your cabinet strategy. For a freer, more spacious feeling replace cabinets, where applicable, with either white or glass shelves. Kitchen remodeling ShelfAnother great way is to remove the cabinet doors only. Everyday items are more accessible and give the kitchen a smart look.

Kitchen remodeling organize space1A variation could also be to add glass doors to the cabinets if you are worried about dust and other dirt accumulating. The stored items are a bit better protected while they can still be seen easily from the outside. The shelf look in any combination creates an open feeling of the space.Kitchen remodeling zac08347_cmykAnother tiny adjustment with big effect is exchanging door knobs for touch-activated cabinet doors. The spatial transformation is astounding.

Shape up – Light concepts
If you are not totally remodeling the kitchen, just adding a few touches here and there, consider a new light concept. Kitchen remodeling counter topWell-lit cabinets inside, underneath or even above add a new, clearer and cleaner look to the space. To optically enlarge the space mirrored or tinted-glass backlashes have a strong effect.Kitchen remodeling zac12153_cmyk

Go free – Declutter
Finally or rather the first thing to do to give the kitchen more breathing space is decluttering. Smartly store the hardware in cabinets and shelves to free up the counter area. Kitchen remodeling _7011050759395475456_nThinking about storage options with pull-out shelves for oils, bottles, and kitchen utensils close to the work area will facilitate the cooking and look organized.
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  1. I liked the idea of getting slimmer appliances, counters, and furniture. My friend lives in a small apartment, so I think this could really help open up her kitchen. I’ll definitely share these great ideas with her.

  2. Dear Bethany, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Not only is it a great space saver, but it is also good for the environment. Thank you for reading our blog. The Designful team.

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