The Bathroom Hackathon, China

Kohler Hackathon 2017 China - sleeping

Following last year’s success of the brain marathon (hackathon), our China team got all excited to start a new round of hackathon with 43 student teams from top universities in China this past October. Kohler Hackathon China 2017 participantsUnder the theme ‘Bathroom solutions for the elderly’, a judges panel of 11 experts including designers and representatives of NGOs as well as people from other industries and our product marketing, engineering and, design studio teams. Kohler Hackathon China 2017 judges and juryThey cheered the contestants on to find new and innovative solutions for the bathrooms of the future and in particular for elderly people.
Kohler hackathon China 2017 participants work on modelsThe hackathon kicked off in October in Shanghai with field research, training and the selection of the teams. In November, the students brought their sketches to the actual hackathon day and crunched the next 24 hours to find 14 great ideas for new product development.Kohler Hackathon China 2017 students working on projectThe judges had a hard time to decide which idea was the best as there was a whole slew of incredible thought processes turned into projects and potential great products.Kohler Hackathon China 2017 judges presenting the findingsFinally, the top three projects were selected and awarded a prize. These ideas will be further developed and realized and implemented by our industrial and product design team. The first prize will be registered for a patent. The other projects will be reviewed and considered for later product developments.Kohler Hackathon China 2017 winners with prizeThis year was as much fun as last year and the hard work of the students paid off handsomely with incredible ideas and a collective creativity that keeps us amazed. The teamwork and the productivity of the teams are outstanding.Kohler Hackathon China 2017 teamwork

Kohler Hackathon China 2017 teamworkBut even the strongest sometimes had to give in – taking power naps in bathtubs seemed to be a popular past time for students.Kohler Hackathon China 2017 power napping student

Kohler Hackathon China 2017 powernapping studentAlthough there were only three winners at the competition, we feel that everyone who participated was a winner and we are really impressed by the work presented.Kohler Hackathon China 2017 student presenting

Kohler Hackathon China 2017 student presenting

Kohler Hackathon China 2017 participants

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