KOHLER Bold. Art. Beijing at Beijing Design Week

Kohler Bold. Art. exhibition Beijing 2018 453A3702

Was there ever a better, more suitable location for the latest KOHLER Bold. Art. Exhibition Beijing than the Beijing Design Week (BJDW)? Asia’s biggest design event attracted more than five million visitors to several locations in the city to raise the overall awareness of design and how it influences everyday life.  Kohler Bold. Art. exhibition Beijing 2018 453A3949While the Beijing Design Week was open to the public from 21 September to 7 October, the small multicultural KOHLER Bold. Art. Exhibition Beijing drew an audience from 20 to 25 September at the National Agriculture Exhibition Center.  Kohler Bold. Art. exhibition Beijing 2018 453A3746Under two themes, ICH Design was a new addition to this year’s BJDW at this location. The exhibition and forum that brought together specialists from other Design Cities and festivals, museums, and other design venues from around the world. It was a perfect platform to discuss and share experiences related to multiculturalism and preserving the local heritage and craftsmanship.  Kohler Bold. Art. exhibition Beijing 2018 453A3681The theme ‘Intangible cultural heritage design’ looked at the integration of modern design into traditional craftsmanship and vice versa. This theme seemed to have been chosen just for the traveling Bold. Art. Exhibition with its 13 unique art pieces from Asia-Pacific and the Middle East from 13 emerging artists.   Kohler Bold. Art. exhibition Beijing 2018 15h43m24s124The artists and craftsmen worked with materials that we usually use in the factories to produce products for kitchens and bathrooms. Artfully and skillfully they transformed their thoughts and ideas about multiculturalism in their own countries into amazing sculptures.   Kohler Bold. Art. exhibition Beijing 2018 453A3712These 13 pieces are displayed in different locations around the region and represent beautifully how a multicultural society can live together peacefully.  Kohler Bold. Art. exhibition Beijing 2018 453A3710At the ICH Design, experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs talked about innovative developments of design in the context of globalization. The Bold Art. Artists already realized these developments in their artwork.   Kohler Bold. Art. exhibition Beijing 2018 15h44m21s519The exhibits were shown along with some of the latest products such as Components and some interesting displays of Artist Editions.  Kohler Bold. Art. exhibition Beijing 2018 453A4124

Learn more about last year’s Beijing Design Week and Maison & Objet’s participation at this year’s fair here.

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