Kohler Bold Design Awards Influencers Innovation – shortlist

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The Kohler Bold Design Awards Influencers Innovation category aims to spark conversations and reactions within the design community in the Philippines. The three finalists stand out for their innovative, creative, experimental designs.

Project Raft
Kohler Bold Design Awars Influencers Innovation APT-STUDIO-John-Patrick-Anthony-Buensalido-1024x682Buensalido Architects searched for a climate-adaptive, low-cost design solution for the Project Raft townhouse development. The building is located in a flood-prone area where lower income citizens fight off flooding on a regular basis. The proposal is a simple and low-tech structure that is affordable.

Mactan–Cebu International Airport (MCIA)
Kohler Bold Design Awards Influencers Innovation CEBU-INTERNATIONAL-AIRPORT-MCIA-Alex-Shu-1024x682AIntegrated Design Associated Ltd. approached the design of the new building of the second largest airport in the Philippines with the landscape in mind. Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA) is the gateway to the central and Southern Philippine islands. The most astonishing feature of the structure is the glue-laminated timber arched roof. The arches measure 30 meters across and are 18 meters high forming a roofscape that reminds viewers of the surrounding ocean. It also gives a strong, one-of-a-kind character of the interior of the terminal.

Apt Studio
Kohler Bold Design Awards Influencers Innovation PROJECT-RAFT-Johnpatrick-1024x682John Patrick Anthony Buensalido and his team at Buensalido Architects design buildings such as Apt Studio not only for their beauty. They aim to spark conversations about innovation, originality, experimentation, and progressive thinking in Philippine architecture within the design community.

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