Kohler Bold Design Awards Travel Resorts – shortlist


On 9 February 2018, the Kohler Bold Design Awards recognize architects and designers from Asia Pacific in 11 categories for their outstanding work. In each of the categories, three projects have been shortlisted by the well-known judges. The subcategory Travel Resorts shortlist is a bouquet of colors and strong designs.

The Astoria Palawan and current resort
Kohler Bold Design Awards Travel Resorts THE-ASTORIA-PALAWAN-AND-CURRENT-RESORT-IVYCYN-1024x682AAtelier Almario Corp. intentially created a colorful and vibrant travel resort in Boracay: The Astoria Palawan and Current Resort. The client emphasized the color narrative in the brief for the two properties and the designers used it as the identifying DNA. The stunning color combinations and interesting use of graphics create spaces in Astoria Palawan that give off a whimsical and relaxed feeling. The color scheme was thought through down to the furniture. The weaving is color coordinated and tweaked becoming part of the color ensemble.

Misibis Bay Ocean View
Kohler Bold Design Awards Travel Resorts MISIBIS-BAY-OCEAN-VIEW-ARCELLANA-MAGSAYSAY-1024x682Grit Design Studio designed a mid-rise 4-cluster hotel within the Misibis Bay Resort on Cagraray Island, Legazpi, Albay.

Bikini Hotel
Kohler bold design awards travel resorts BIKINI-HOTEL-ARCELLANA-MAGSAYSAY-1024x682Grit Design Studio designed a modern, small boutique hotel with 88 rooms at Station 2 on Boracay Island. The Bikini Hotel caters to executive millennial travelers. The design and construction of the project are budget-friendly, lively, and fun.

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