Third Kohler Design Affair focused on modern timelessness

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The third Kohler Design Affair was a smashing affair in the first few days of November 2018. David Kohler, President and CEO, and Cindy Allen, editor in chief Interior Design Magazine, welcomed more than 80 designers from around the world to a one-of-a-kind experience in Kohler, Wisconsin.  Kohler Design Affair 13h56m38s555 ADuring the last days of fall, the design professionals had lots of opportunities to network with each other, get to know the hosts and learn about the latest trends, innovation, and industry tendencies. The two-and-a-half-day Kohler Design Affair event included presentations by well-known architects, designers, and artists as well as fun activities in the outdoors.  Kohler Design Affair 14h02m16s293 AIt is proven that spending time in nature will spur creativity. Having a pool of high caliber creatives in one place further ignited thoughts and ideas. When nature and good company is combined with excellent food and world-class hospitality, it can almost not be topped.  Kohler Design Affair 13h59m50s300In partnership with Interior Design Magazine, our team at headquarters was able to secure a very strong speaker line up.  Kohler Design Affair 14h07m29s653 AMarc Fornes, architect and founder of THEVERYMANY, New York, spoke about art as architecture. He has designed and built organic, thin-shell constructions that push the limits of form, structure, and space. Marc has a strong focus on public art and space.  Kohler Design Affair 14h01m00s763 AA topic loved by everyone was the exploration of global eating futures with Dr. Irwin Adam who is a creative scientist and food futurist. At times, the presentation even bordered a bit on the explosive side and the audience was hanging every one of Irwin’s words.   Kohler Design Affair 13h56m49s929 AWith a strong interest in human-centered innovation approaches, Joni Saylor, a director at IBM Design Thinking Practice in Austin, Texas, was the ideal presenter to inspire designers and architects and share her experiences from the IBM Design Bootcamp and the Innovation Space studio at ASU.  Kohler Design Affair 14h07m41s414 AIn Lyndon Neri’s presentation, architecture, hospitality, and the future were nicely interwoven and came together. Lyndon is a founding partner of Neri & Hu in Shanghai, an award-winning architecture and design firm, that he leads with Rossana Hu.  Kohler Design Affair 13h57m58s956 AThe presentations were thought-provoking and cutting-edge. To deepen the experience, guests then had the chance to explore innovation hands-on. After touring the WasteLab, Theresa Millard who is a biomimicry expert and will also be leading a workshop during the Dubai Design Week encouraged everyone to design their own tiles with non-toxic industrial waste materials.  Kohler Design Affair 14h05m05s480The modern, experimental conference at the Kohler Communications hub ‘Beacon’ enhanced the sense of a global community of professionals and deepened the understanding of connectivity and working together for a better future. Judging by the smiling faces, the program was refreshing, inventive, and of high sustainable quality. Participants came away with an abundance of new ideas and sparks that will be infused in their future work.

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