KOHLER Design Conclave Karachi – architecture in the City of Lights

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To continue our design conclave theme and event series ‘As I see it’, we collaborated with the Institute of Architects (IAP) to organize the first Kohler Design Conclave in Karachi, Pakistan, on 16 March 2018.Kohler Design Conclave Karachi Picture1Karachi is one of the biggest seaports in South Asia and the most populous city in Pakistan. It is a commercial, economic, cultural, and educational hub for the country and the region. The city benefits from a blend of Middle Eastern, Central Asian, South Asian, and Western influences. The 14.9 million people metropolis is lively, vibrant and bustling.
Kohler Design Conclave Karachi Marriott Karachi Picture2The Marriott hotel where the first Kohler Design Conclave was held, is located in Karachi’s South District, opposite the lush green and peaceful park of Frere Hall, a British colonial building from 1865 that is most iconic for this architectural style in the city. Today, it serves as an exhibition space and gallery.Kohler Design Conclave Karachi Marriott Karachi Picture3
Kohler Design Conclave Karachi Bakht Tower KarachiThe district is home to the tallest skyscrapers and most of the historical architecture in Karachi – also called the City of Lights. The neighborhood, as well as the rest of the city, grows rapidly. It is in part credited to the influx of mixed populations of economic and political migrants and refugees.Kohler Design Conclave Karachi Avair Towers Karachi
Kohler Design Conclave Karachi Picture12More than 170 leading architects and designer from Karachi City followed the invitation from IAP to the conclave. Kohler Design Conclave Karachi Picture6The guests were looking for an educational seminar where they could learn more about current trends, the profession of architecture in Pakistan, and latest news as well as get an opportunity to network.Kohler Design Conclave Karachi Picture9With an impressive speaker line-up including Shahid Abdulla, Principal architect and CEO ASA, Syed Akeel Bilgrami, director of Najmi & Bilgrami, Komal Parvez, Principal architect of Landscape Architecture Studio, Ejaz Ahed, CEO and Managing Architect of Ahed Associates, and Ali Shamim Naqvi, Principal Architect of Ali Arshad Associates, the event promised to be a firework of sharing and marvelling at creative talent in the Pakistani architecture world.Kohler Design Conclave Karachi Picture10The speakers certainly did not disappoint when they presented their views and opinions on the topic of ‘As I see it’ and their perception of architecture and urbanization in Pakistan. Kohler Design Conclave Karachi Picture7In return, the audience was very engaged and participated in the discussion session at the end with lots of questions and comments.
Kohler Design Conclave Karachi Picture13At the end of the evening, the speakers were honored with tokens for their achievements in Pakistani architecture.Kohler Design Conclave Karachi product display Picture5

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