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How can you convince designers and architects in senior positions or even company, consultancy and firm owners take two to three full days out of their busy schedules to attend an event?Pic Ganesha Theater BangkokYou offer them an escape.View Heaven BangkokIn the last week of August 2017, we organized exactly such an event.
We swept these industry leaders off their feet and into the midst of Bangkok, Thailand.Kohler Design Escape lunchIn fact, they quite voluntarily signed up for their own ‘escape’.
Kohler Design Escape screenThe Kohler Design Escape was the first event of its kind in Asia. We celebrated the brand and emphasized networking and opening minds, hearts and ears to new ideas and concepts.Kohler Design Escape program and chocolate

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Kohler Design Escape product displayDuring two days, the program took the guests on a journey of sensory discoveries. Of course, this was the intention all along as the Kohler Design Escape’s theme was ‘Senseation’. Kohler Design Escape sri trat apetizersTo live, breath, experience, and embrace these sensations, we believe, there is no better place than Bangkok, Thailand, with its cosmopolitan air and the mish-mash of cultures, foods, ethnicities, colors, smells, noises, etc.Kohler Design Escape music

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To be continued

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