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The KOHLER Design Forum is traveling to the design capital of the world: London. With the London Design Biennale and the London Design Festival in full swing, the KOHLER Design Forum London for architects and designers who want to learn more about smart cities, smart homes, and smart technology is at the forefront of all the events going on around it.  KOHLER Design Forum London river-541456_640The skillfully restored Jerwood Hall, only a five-minute walk away from the KOHLER Experience Center in Clerkenwell, will open its door to the guests on 19 September 2018. Monocle as a media partner and our team lined up an amazing group of expert speakers who will share their thoughts and insights about ‘all things connected’.  KDF Key Visual-02

Runa SabroeKOHLER Design Forum London RunaSabroeA is the program director of the Danish Design Centre and heads up projects in relation to design cities. She uses design as a framework for innovation and service development and is a popular public speaker and lecturer at universities and design schools in England and Canada. In her presentation, she will point out that design-driven smart city strategies connect how people live and how new technologies are woven into the routines and habits.

KOHLER Design Forum London Ron Bakker-W-02ARon Bakker, the founding partner of PLP Architecture, is particularly interested in the influence of architectural techniques on the quality of public gathering places and is excited about the role new technology takes in the built environment. He has been an important partner in the completion of well-known buildings including an extension of the World Trade Centre in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Ron addresses smart building systems and social and physical quality of workspace connected to the increasing use of technology in it. He uses examples of The Edge in Amsterdam and Sky Central in London as exemplary cases.

KOHLER Design Forum London Allison2AAllison Dring is the co-director and founder of Elegant Embellishments, a smart building products manufacturer, and Made of Air GmbH, a start-up converting CO2 into useful materials. Her projects use the scale and materiality of the built environment to tackle climate challenges. She has invented and produces prosolve370e- a facade module that reduces air pollution in cities. Her CO2-based material, Made of Air, is made of so much atmospheric CO2 that it generates negative emissions. Allison will present both ventures as examples of how a  climatic response that can be elicited from architectural structures in cities.

KOHLER Design Forum Singapore mark bickerstaffe IDWMark Bickerstaffe, director of new product development K&B, is constantly traveling around the world meeting with designers in our own design studios in Paris, London, Cheltenham, Shanghai, and Delhi, and other industry leaders to pick up the latest trends and innovations in the bathroom space. He and his team are hard at work to increase the connectivity in the bathrooms through technology and artificial intelligence. During the KOHLER Desing Forum London, he will share our vision and achievements to make the bathroom a place to spend time, enjoy, and feel safer, healthier, and more delightful.  KOHLER Design Forum London london-530055_640The KOHLER Design Forum London follows the event in Singapore that took place in August. On a monthly basis, the event is touring around the world to gather architects and designers in special locations on three continents for fruitful discussions and exchanges about ‘smart cities’ and ‘connectedness’. More information on the KOHLER Design Forum 2018 series here.  KOHLER Design Forum Singapore 2018 VVS58678_17



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