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Just in country since 2014, Kohler Brazil is taking big strides to expand. On 6 December, the latest of the KOHLER Experience Centers will be opened in Sao Paulo. Following the global concept of providing an immersive experience, the KOHLER Experience Center Sao Paulo is a similarly exclusive and unique shopping and display space.   KOHLER Experience Center Sao Paulo sao-paulo-1206184_640After New York City, London, Delhi, Taipei, Singapore, Bangkok, and Los Angeles, this new showroom provides architects, designers, and industry professionals with a place to learn about the latest products and services. They also get a chance to try them first hand.  KOHLER Experience Center Sao Paulo _MG_6154Sao Paulo is the most populous city in Brazil with over 12 million inhabitants and the largest Portuguese-speaking city in the world. It is well known for its contemporary designs, art, and tallest skyscrapers in Brazil. The city is defined by strong international influences from immigrants and settlers from all over the world.   KOHLER Experience Center Sao Paulo city-2462868_640The architecture and design landscape speaks volumes of trends from Europe, North America, and even Asia. The largest Japanese population outside of Japan has found a home in Sao Paulo.   KOHLER Experience Center Sao Paulo _MG_6931The KOHLER Experience Center Sao Paulo displays the latest products from Kohler Company on the premises including comprehensive kitchen and bathroom solutions as well as wide varieties of toilets, showers, sinks, bathtubs, other sanitary wares, and more.   KOHLER Experience Center Sao Paulo sao-paulo-82638_640The global specification service is unique to the KOHLER Experience Centers. It provides a service for designers and architects who are working on international projects that might be located outside of Brazil.   KOHLER Experience Center Sao Paulo _MG_6199Through video conferencing (by appointment) and the help of the well-versed staff at the KOHLER Experience Center Sao Paulo, customers can be connected to a network of professionals who has access to the brand’s global portfolio. The industry professionals can easily specify the products out of the comfort of the showroom in Brazil for projects in other locations.  KOHLER Experience Center Sao Paulo _MG_6156The KOHLER Experience Center Sao Paulo provides the immersive experience that contributes to the development of contemporary design in Brazil and beyond its borders.   KOHLER Experience Center Sao Paulo sao-paulo-980972_640Please check back for information and impressions of the KOHLER Experience Center opening.

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