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There comes a time when everything comes together. Our developers, IT professionals, and marketing people are hard at work to bring KOHLER Konnect to the doorstep of customers. Following the trends of personalization, the range of products that are connected through a global network cloud allows each user to customize his or her bathroom (and kitchen) experience.Kohler Konnect Azure 2Whether it is the temperature in the room, the lift of the toilet seat, the perfect water fill of the bathtub, the right light hue of the mirror or the right amount of steam in the shower, the KOHLER Konnect app with its ‘smart’ functionalities prepares the bathroom to the user’s ideal conditions. Kohler Konnect Azure 3The intelligent app improves users’ lifestyles and lets them live at the leading edge of technology while making life more comfortable, more personal, and more convenient.
Kohler Konnect Azure 4All of these new experiences would not have been possible without strong operating systems. For the huge advancements that are made with KOHLER Konnect, we partner with Microsoft. The Microsoft Azure is a hybrid cloud connecting data and apps, integrating tools, understanding different programming languages, frameworks, database and bringing it all together in a cross-device experience.Kohler Konnect Azure 14While the end-consumer market is looking for more connectivity and Internet of Things (IoT) driven appliances in the kitchen and bathroom, on the back-end it is all powered by Microsoft Azure.
The seamless integration allows to speed up development and production times. Kohler Konnect Azure 17It is an environment that is conducive to business processes, efficient, effective, and consistent across all data platforms.
Kohler Konnect Azure 6In addition, to be able to work with a trendsetter in this business transformation, our team found a working environment that was not only faster but that let creativity bloom. On top of connecting IoT services of the products in the home, they developed the ‘leave home’ function. Kohler Konnect Azure 15This application allows users to shut down all connected products the moment they leave home and hence save huge amounts of energy.Kohler Konnect Azure 1Anyone on the team jumped at the opportunity to work with the unique Azure technology to apply to the manufacturing and development processes of the new KOHLER Konnect app and made big leaps towards a vision of a data-, AI-driven, comfortable future.

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