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The KOHLER Magazine No. 2 is hot off the press and on the way to many destinations in the world. If you cannot wait to read the latest issue, please follow the link here for the digital version.  KOHLER Magazine No. 2 Hufton and CrowWe are immensely proud of this new edition with more stories, more photos, and more insights from the global design and architecture world.  The issue covers design and art stories from various corners of the planet. Interviews with Canadian design duo George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg and Ma Yansong, an architect in Beijing, bring different international viewpoints to the table.  KOHLER Magazine No. 2 MAD_Chaoyang Park Plaza_by Hufton+Crow_07While Tyler Brûlé, founder of Monocle, and fashion designer Alexis Mabille share some interesting tidbits about their lives, travels, and the cities they love, our own associates Mark Bickerstaffe, director of new product development K&B, and Theresa Millard, project manager sustainability and stewardship, let us in on their most passionate projects yet: smart bathrooms and the KOHLER waste lab.  KOHLER Magazine No. 2 Waste lab 1Breathtaking architectural photography by Hufton + Crow and an enthralling urban project in Guatemala compete with Jean Nouvel’s Louvre in Abu Dhabi and Louis Li’s hotel Jackalope in Down Under.  KOHLER Magazine No. 2 MAD pareteGreen trends that dominated the 58th edition of Salone del Mobile in Milan fascinate as much as the resurgence of wax prints in Africa and the creative product designs in Mexico City that celebrates the last days of the World Design Capital festivities.  KOHLER Magazine No. 2 Salone del mobileA new addition to the KOHLER Magazine Nor. 2 is the design and art focused city guides with great tips and insider knowledge of three cities on three continents. You will get to know Los Angeles, Paris, and the hidden gem Luang Prabang (Laos PDR) from an angle that you never knew before and learn about hip bars, restaurants, and hangouts that attract the design community.  KOHLER Magazine No. 2 LOLA Suite deckAs in the first issue, we invite you, dear reader, to a dialogue that goes beyond the topics discussed in the magazine. We hope you enjoy this edition, as much as we did creating it, and we are looking forward to learning what you like and what is catching your attention.
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The first KOHLER Magazine can be viewed here.


Source: photos are courtesy of KOHLER Magazine No. 2, photo credits in file name.


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