Kohler Mira Named Manufacturer of the Year



The who’s who of major businesses in five counties of the United Kingdom gathered for the inaugural Cotswold Life EMI (Engineering, Manufacturing and Innovation) Awards. That prestigious group just happened to include associates from U.K. showering leader Kohler Mira. 

The EMI awards, presented on September 17 at Cheltenham Town Hall, celebrated the thriving industry and economic impact of businesses in Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Wiltshire and Worcestershire. The 12 awards recognized specific categories from successful start-ups and exporters to individual employees and apprentices. 

At the special ceremony, emceed by BBC Apprentice winner and success business owner Lee McQueen, Kohler Mira, picked up the night’s top award, Manufacturer of the Year, and was a finalist for the Sustainable Manufacturing Award. 

Jon Ramsdale (Far Right), Director – New Product Development, Mira and K&B U.K. and his team at the award ceremony.

Jon Ramsdale, Director – New Product Development, Mira and K&B U.K., said, “We have some really talented associates that have made this possible. First and foremost, we have an extremely dedicated and passionate team of assembly operators. This team is the heart of the business, and we would not get this recognition unless we had a first-rate team of people who build the product every day to exacting standards. Every team at Mira plays a part of being a Manufacturer of the Year, but the people on the ground, building and supporting the build of product, have every right to feel a little more proud than the rest of us.”​ 

The win reinforced Kohler Mira’s position, not only as a top manufacturer in its industry, but also an important economic driver and well-respected resident of its community.

“It’s a wonderful feeling for everyone at Kohler Mira to be recognized as the Manufacturer of the Year in our local region,” Ramsdale continued. “There are some really strong businesses across the area, and we knew the competition would be tough. That said, the whole Mira team have worked really hard recently to improve our manufacturing capability, and projects like the new electric platform give a clear indication of what the team is capable of achieving when everyone works together with a shared objective. We are all really proud of this achievement.​”

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