Kohler South Africa Gallery: an immersive experience

Gallery South Africa suite
Gallery South Africa Terrace suite by Lemon
Terrace Suite by Lemon

A brand new showroom space in the office building of Kohler South Africa in Bryanston, Johannesburg, showcases the latest and greatest in products and services.
The ‘Gallery’ is an exhibition of our products with a twist and an influence of South African design leaders that we invited to create and the design the space with us. With an array of suites, the ‘Gallery’ is the ideal place to get inspired and start imagining your next bathroom. It is a place where you can touch and feel your dreams.

Kohler Gallery South Africa Escale Suite
Escale Suite by Aureum

Although shortly before the grand opening, we were not that confident that the space would be so well-organized and mind-boggling beautiful as we were scrambling to adding the finishing touches:

The result, we are sure you will agree, is a showroom that is like no other on the African continent. The dedication to the South African design community and the latest technology mix sublimely in this exceptional space.

South Africa Gallery Brive Suite by Robin Sprong
Brive Suite by Robin Sprong

The 80 guests at the launch event could not have agreed more. Everyone was happily diving into a dazzling evening of celebration and wonder.

ModernLife Suite and Elonah O'Neil glass art
ModernLife Suite and Elonah O’Neil glass art

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