LA Art Show 2019: ink paintings conquer the West

LA Art show 2019 4_benjamin_shine_awakening 2016_BOCCARA_a

Los Angeles is the birthplace of the modern film and design industry. So much that is known as contemporary design and art comes from this inspiring place on USA’s West Coast. The LA Art Show 2019, an annual art fair, honored this legacy in January 2019 with another memorable show.

LA Art show 2019 1. KUNYONGLEE, 1942_ , THE METHOD OF DRAWING 76-3-2011, Acrylic & Digital Print on Canvas, 35.8 x 28.6 inch-UM Gallery

LA Art Show 2019 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, centrally located to catch some other entertainment after filling up on art, gave more than 120 galleries from 18 countries the opportunity to showcase and present artists and artworks that will make big waves in 2019.

LA Art show 2019 Anthony James Melissa Morgan Fine Art LA Art Show 2019

The multicultural influence of the city attracts an eclectic audience of curators, influencers, trends setters, and curious creative types who wanted to dive into the cultural and artistic environment and soak up the vibes on the exhibition floor, at the curated events, and, of course, from the artworks themselves.

LA Art show 2019 Homage to Nature by Cha, Yun Sook

Paintings, sculptures, designs, installations, videos, and performances constituted of the bulk at the LA Art Show 2019 that went beyond the business of art. The opening gala proceeds were donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and about 50,000 square feet of the 200,000 square feet exhibition space was reserved for innovative programming and fulfilling a civic duty. The art shown in this section was not for sale and served as immersive inspiration.

LA Art show 2019 Yu-ichi Inoue-Hana-Ink on paper-Kamiya Co Ltd

Among the many excellent performances and displays, Ink Painting was shown in several sections of the show. While ink painting in Asia is as oil painting is in Europe, it is not widely known in the Western world. The carbon-based black ink and calligraphic brush painting techniques have influenced centuries of art and design in the East, and it just now fully enters the markets in the West.

LA Art show 2019 NBC_HurtColors_01_sapcegallery_crop

Integrating ink painting with minimalist design or brutalist minimalism add a dramatic element to these spaces. An array of works was shown by artists from South Korea, Japan, and China to illustrate the diverse and wide-ranging styles.

LA Art show 2019 3.ºº∞≥¿« ±Ê¿Ã ¿÷¥¬ ∞À¿∫ «≥∞Ê 192x910cm «—¡ˆø° ∏‘ 2018

Design professionals, collectors, and innovation seekers dove into the talks and panel discussions by well-known artists and art professionals and attended the many special events that were planned around the art fair.

If the thought-provoking display of latest artworks and trends were not enough, visitors could continue on and check out some more installation art at the KOHLER Experience Center LAX.

Source: photos are courtesy of LA Art Show 2019

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