LA Art Show – explosion of color and pulse of time

LA Art Show 2018


LA Art Show logo Los Angeles is a lot more than movies, stars, and starlets. It is the home of the latest KEC which with its large installation art ‘Ghost School’ reflects not only our company’s commitment to art, but the city’s budding art scene and the citizen’s love for new trends, innovations, and discoveries in the arts.LA Art Show oeuvreBetween 10 and 14 January 2018 more than 100 galleries from 18 countries presented paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs, and put on various performance art pieces for the LA Art Show. The show that is one of the largest in North America was put on for the 23rd time.LA Art Show oeuvre1The local and international curators outdid themselves on the 200,000 square feet exhibition space. The full program included talks, panel discussions, exhibits, dialogues and much more. LA Art Show oeuvre 6A dedicated space at the fair was reserved for the first Design LA Art, a marriage and intersection between fine arts and design. LA Art Show oeuvre 3The exhibitors gave their best showing modern furniture, décor and architectural objects, and jewelry.
LA Art Show oeuvre 4The LA Convention Center, a green venue, was the ideal location to capture the pulse of the art and design scene and through the surrounding arts, crafts, music, and entertainment venues, visitors, trendsetters, influencers, and alpha consumers were totally immersed in this world.LA Art Show oeuvre 5

Source: photos are courtesy of LA Art Show FB.

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