Latin American Consumer Trend: Local Love (3/7)

Peru women - Sabre trends local love

We continue our series on six megatrends for consumers in Latin America by Sabre. The second trend focuses on Local Love.

Authenticity is a big global consumer trend that manifests itself by an introspective to focus on local experiences. It not only touches certain regions but all over the globe. However, the emerging and developing markets can use this as a unique selling point for the modern consumer.

La Paz - sabre local love Latin America is, hence, emphasizing the region, countries and their own neighborhoods. The local cultures are still very much alive. Although big cities in South America face similar challenges as any big city in emerging countries around the world, these places tend to be intensive, diverse and incredibly rich in culture (last, but not least due to historical migrations).Outdoor living room

They have a lot to offer. The urban areas are the happening places as 80% of the population live there. It seems that everyone is striving for global brands, global standards, and uniformity. At the same time, consumers love local, different, special services and products that will set them apart and make them feel special. Las Palmitas mural, MexicoOne example is the humongous murals by Ink Crew that transformed a low-income neighborhood of Las Palmitas in Mexico in a colorful suburb.

This trend of local culture opens tremendous opportunities for brands that want to step in to help improve cities or locations where local governments do not have the budgets or resources.

That way, consumers can enjoy even more authentic and interesting experiences and citizens regain pride in their homes. To be part of such celebrations, traditions and cultural events in person, is an experience that is light years from the realm of internet searches and cannot be compared.Train travel in South America

It makes travel experiences more authentic and individual. The consumers are seeking the best of local history and culture, be in touch with the local community while not exploiting them, but rather preserving it.Sheep in the field and hand feeding

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