Latin American Consumer Trend: Post-Demographic (4/7)

Face of South American Woman on mural


We continue our series on six megatrends for consumers in Latin America by Sabre. The third trend focuses on Post-Demographic.

With the economic and technological development, traditional roles in South America are challenged and are breaking up. While family and community are still important consumers want to construct their own identities and live more liberated and freer from conventional rules.Oxcart South America

As a consequence, especially the role of women has changed. Women empowerment in the home and in the public eye is a strong movement and quite visible with lots of young women getting university degrees and entering the workforce.Women looking into the distance

However, this trend also bears not so positive consequences. As more women are out of their homes at work or traveling, a lot more violence against them has ensued. In fact, between 2011 and 2015 many women in Latin America died of violence.

Individual lifestyle - mural with stick figuresThe post-demographic consumer regardless of being male or female wants to lead a more individual life-style whether within the family, outside the home and with any choice they make. At the same time, they strive to be safe.Young women in conversation

In a recent student by the World Economic Forum, the researchers found that 17% per capita GDP could be gained if women could work and would be integrated into the workforce at the same rates as men. In dynamic Latin America, gender parity programs have sprung up rapidly everywhere in the region and are strongly supported.Rio de Janeiro - women travel alone

The additional individuality also manifests itself in changed consumer behavior. Based on a survey from the Ministry of Tourism in Brazil conducted in March 2017, 17.8% of surveyed women would like to travel alone. That is 6% more than men.Waves at the beach

To fulfill their desire and give these women the opportunity to travel, they also need to feel safe. As governments are often overwhelmed (financially and otherwise) to improve certain conditions, private sector companies have stepped in to make a difference. City coming out of a cell phoneOne of these companies is Dove, a global cosmetic brand that started to provide street lamps in a Colombian city. Illuminating the streets at night, not only made them safer, but also revived the community.Ladies with hats

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