Latin American Consumer Trend: Infolust (6/7)

Sabre South American megatrends - information age - people and numbers


We continue our series on six megatrends for consumers in Latin America by Sabre. The fifth trend focuses on Influst.

Nine out of 10 people have a smartphone in Latin America. Often though they don’t have a very high salary. So, the smartphones provide a window to the world when traveling or purchasing is not yet an option.

The smart devices help with information, experiences and efficiencies. Today, information is easier and faster accessible and digestible than any time before.Texting on mobile phone

For Latin American, messaging using WhatsApp is very trendy to stay in touch. It is appealing to use the app for informal interactions and ordering online (one-touch). According to WhatsApp, they have 120 million active users in Brazil (2017).WhatsApp on screen

The rise of chatbots is a success in Latin America as well. The bots often help consumers faster and solve problems stress-free.Women chatting with mobile phones

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