Latin American Consumer Trend: Playsumers (7/7)

Room with lots of games


We conclude our series on six megatrends for consumers in Latin America by Sabre with this post. The sixth trend focuses on Playsumers.

With the changing traditions and the push for more freedom comes also a desire for playfulness. Consumers are looking for humor and fun in product design, marketing, and experiences.

Colored fabric South AmericaIn their view, experiences should become more exciting and maybe even mirror consumers’ enthusiasm for online games. The gaming industry in Brazil is thriving, even surpassing that one in Mexico.

Applying this trend to the travel industry: hopping on a train and watching a sunset is not going to cut it anymore. Travelers want to be challenged, want experience something unique and noteworthy. The experience needs to be shareable and also have a sustainable or positive impact.Gaming on the mombile

Looking at shopping centers in Latin America, the malls have adopted this trend already. Some offer AR and VR experiences to local consumers that they will share on social media.Man and VR

Companies would like to go a step further and make VR accessible for the broad masses. In many cases, though, the buying power is not existent. Currently, brands are experimenting with using cheaper material e.g. cardboard to make the VR more affordable.

Chile - Easter Island - travelIf that is the case, it can substitute the ‘real’ travel experience for a while, as it might still be a dream for many consumers. With VR they might, however, be able to travel and see the world without ever leaving their home.Mobile phone on a stick

Apart from gaming, a company in Brazil took the idea beyond traveling and entertainment. They created VR experiences for children who have to visit the doctor for vaccinations. By providing them with a totally new and different experience, the children will lose their fear.Girl with VR glasses biking

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