Learn How Air Can Save Water


Our showerheads and hand showers featuring KatalystTM technology get a boost from an unexpected source to create powerful, luxurious yet water-conserving streams.


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The innovative air-induction technology plumps up each water droplet so it feels bigger and performs better. In a way, it’s more water but using less. Make sense?To be honest, the whole concept of a low-flow showerhead that gives you a truly satisfying shower was daunting to us.

“I think we had designed products at 2.5 gallons per minute for so long that we didn’t believe we could deliver a great experience at anything less,” admitted Joel Smith, director of new product engineering for North American faucets.

To top it off, consumers are skeptical about low-flow showerheads. They’ve tried them before and have been left disappointed (and, well, soapy).

Our challenge was to fully wash away consumers’ (and our own) doubts.

After developing Katalyst technology for our 2.5 gpm showerheads, the development team took a chance and reduced the water flow to 2.0 gpm. With that one step, we proved ourselves wrong.

“We make a water-conserving product feel like the customers are getting just as much water as they would with a standard product,” said Smith. “You almost have to see it, hear it, feel it to see what a difference it makes.”

With the formula of one-part air to five-parts water, this technology is one way we’re believing in better showers—with less water. Who would’ve thought?

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