Learning and Resource Center: LEED Gold Certification for better learning

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The 2017 Learning and Resource Center on the Michael J. Grant Campus of the Suffolk County Community College in Brentwood, USA, received the LEED Gold Certification for its excellent learning environment.

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The library and the learning and study spaces in the center of the campus surrounded by the Caumsett Student Center, the Health/Sports/Education Center, and parking lots for the commuter students is a place for discoveries.

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The nine cubes arranged in a three-by-three grid accommodate the library on two floors and create an interesting interplay of positive and negative spaces that act like a prism. It draw the sunlight in during the day and make the interior spaces even friendlier.

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The central lantern rises above the building and defines the skyline of the whole campus. It can be seen from every corner of the college campus. The aluminum and glass curtainwalls and the white terra cotta is a departure from the usual American college campuses. It marks exclusivity and elegance.

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With the ventilated rain screen façade, the green roof, and the photo-optic lighting controls, the Learning and Resource Center easily qualified for LEED Gold Certification and a sustainable design in 2017 which was the year that it was completed.

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Dr. James Kaene, executive dean and CEO of the Michael J. Grant campus said: ‘[The library] serves as a living room of our campus.’ The learning center on Long Island is conceptualized for team-based learning, experiential learning, and problem-solving. The rooms are designed for group studies and seminars.

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The Information Commons where computers are housed and the technology reference help-desks are also located has an inviting reading area for the students.

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The design that instills collaboration and social learning is a creation of ikon.5 architects, a design-focused practice that is constantly looking for innovative solutions. It has already been lauded by the Chicago Athenaeum, the Architizer A+ Awards, and the Society of American Registered Architects to name only a few.

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Source: photos of the Learning and Resource Center are courtesy of v2com. Photos are by Jeffery Totaro.

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