Leave no one behind – World Water Day 2019

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This World Water Day on March 22, 2019, we raise awareness to leave no one behind. The global theme ‘leave no one behind’ addresses the issue that clean water for all is not yet a human right. It should be, but the reality is that still billions of people in the world are without safe water.

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The UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 6 (UNSDG6) aims to achieve clean water for all by 2030. We still have a long way to go to achieve this and we need all the help we can get. The reality is that marginalized groups – women, children, refugees, indigenous peoples, disabled people – have a huge challenge to access safe water.

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What many see as their given right and an everyday thing, is in fact, a luxury and a difficult task to achieve for these people. Especially in rural areas 80% of the population has to use unsafe and unprotected water sources. Living conditions such as in Roka, Cambodia, where we supported the Shinta Mani Foundation to build water wells and distributed Clarity Water Filters are unbearable. We must leave no one behind!

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Often women and children have to walk long distances – up to five kilometers and more – to collect water from wells, surface water, ponds or rivers. The water is not clean, and it is not safe to consume. Helping these communities with projects such as the new Asia P3 Hub collaboration of adding handwashing facilities and upgrading the sanitary installations in primary schools and kindergartens in Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines will help to alleviate some hardship and increase the days children can attend school disease-free.

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Leaving no one behind also means that pregnant women have access to clean water and don’t have to suffer complications related to water-borne diseases. It means that everyone works hard to ensure that severe water scarcities become less and less frequent.

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World Water Day is one day of awareness but working towards achieving the UNSDG6 and to leave no one behind is an everyday task for everyone.

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We truly strive to leave no one behind. Join us in our efforts of clean water for all and also follow us for the upcoming Run for Clarity 2019 to raise more awareness about water issues.

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