LEED seminars at SABIC in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Home of Innovation


SABIC seminar 2017On 3 May 2017, Joe Azzarello and our team conducted two LEED seminars with employees from Saudi Basic Industries Corporation’s (SABIC), architects and engineers in Riyadh’s Techno-Valley at King Saud University.
Home of InnovationBefore the presentations the groups went on tours of the 800 sqm Home of Innovation that is a growth initiative of SABIC combining marketing, innovation and technology.
Home of InnovationThe Home of Innovation is a high-performance demonstration house and the first single-family home in the Middle East region to receive the LEED Platinum Certificate. In a 12-month period, the house generates as much electricity as it consumes e.g. net-zero energy balance.
SABIC seminar 2017SABIC, one of the world’s top petrochemical companies and leader in polyethylene, polypropylene, other advanced thermoplastics, glycols, methanol, and fertilizers with headquarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is concerned with the environmental and social challenges of the coming years and the future of the Middle East, North Africa and the rest of the world.SABIC seminar 2017The company that is 70% government-owned is seeking a deep understanding of megatrends and making every effort to integrate the findings into improving business processes, tools, and adapting priorities. Caring for the environment, investing in the latest technologies and improving operational excellence for a sustainable tomorrow is now small task and cannot be done alone.
SABIC seminar 2017SABIC partners with international industry-leading companies to work on initiatives such as the Home of Innovation to turn these challenges into opportunities for innovation and growth. SABIC invests in long-term relationships, helps facilitate connections between these industry partners and the government. The SABIC Strategy 2025 reflects Saudi’s Vision 2030.SABIC seminar 2017In this respect, we organized a morning and an afternoon seminar with Joe Azzarello who is a specialist in LEED certification to learn more about LEED in general and LEED water efficiency calculations in particular. LEED logoThe participants learnt about water saving methods that ultimately lead to saving energy as it takes energy for transportation, treatment and heating.SABIC seminar 2017After the two and a half hours, fully-booked seminars, the participants enjoyed refreshments, food and networking time.SABIC seminar 2017

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