Let’s play – Singapore Retro Night for dealers

Kohler Singapore Retro Night 20181214_205650

The Singapore team took a playful approach to networking with existing and future dealers and distributors in December 2018. The KOHLER Experience Center in Singapore was the playground for the first Retro Night.

With a strong gaming culture in Southeast Asia, it was not too difficult for our team to think about fun activities to celebrate and honor business partners in the small island state in a relaxed way. The gamification trend in the workplace continues as a growing trend to encourage collaboration, engagement, and coordination, hence the perfect premise for a fun night out.

The games don’t all have to be online either. Thinking back to the traditional games we all played as kids, it is easy to imagine how to get the twinkle back into peoples’ eyes when presenting them with a challenge that they have tackled with friends and families all their lives… but not perfected yet.

The recent gamification hype is a creative way to enthrall participants, nudge a bit of their natural competitiveness without letting it go overboard and keeping it all friendly and fun.

At the KOHLER Experience Center Singapore Retro Night, 50 guests and associates enjoyed some pleasant childhood games that were set up between the product displays, delicious food, and some cool prizes. They comprised of vouchers and giveaways including Moxi Showerheads, Artist Editions plate sets, and Exhale Shower filters.

Adam Quek, general manager and commercial director K&B Southeast Asia, was the host of the evening and led guests through the night with latest information and news on products and services, thank-yous for efforts and good wishes for continued good working relationships.

The team took the opportunity to pose with guests for memorable photos and met new business partners and strengthened the collaboration with existing ones. An informative tour through the KOHLER Experience Center gave guests a chance to learn about innovations and smart technology.

The smiling faces were attest that the evening was a smashing success and likely to be copied by colleagues around the world.

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