LightHouse hotel in the South Korean Sea

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If space travel is on your agenda or bucket list, this will certainly pique your interest. A new project from Margot Krasojevic Architecture in the unruly waters near Jeju island in South Korea, the Lighthouse hotel project is a re-appropriated existing oil rig re-imagined and turned into a sustainable hospitality venture.

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Adventurers and explorers or just the modern traveler seeking a truly ‘experience-economy’ getaway will rejoice in the fact that the hotel is only accessible by boat on not-so-easy to navigate waters.

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The Lighthouse hotel is a brainchild of Margot who envisions a symbiotic, cross-disciplinary relationship between different programs incorporating the expertise of oil rigging and marine engineering.

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The original oil rig platform is secured with tension legs and the hotel is built upon it. The building structure focuses on producing an entity to generate offshore renewable energy and to become an example of sustainable hospitality. In addition to producing electricity through the flowing water turbines that will power the Lighthouse, the structure is also equipped with desalination filters. It aims to reduce water consumption by storing rainwater, desalinating seawater, and using grey-water systems and ways to reclaim water.

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The hotel industry is constantly changing, and guests are looking for new and meaningful ways to spend their free time. The continued trend of experiencing something in a unique way, is an opportunity for hoteliers and visionaries to design new and innovative structures.

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South Korea has had large numbers of offshore wind turbine farms since 2006. The shipbuilders and oil riggers have plenty of experience to build in difficult environments. Margot believes in combining various disciplines to continue to be relevant in the architectural world and the hospitality sector. Guests at the Lighthouse might seek the thrill of staying at a hotel with its own power plant or take up an offer to volunteer, engage themselves in projects surrounding biodiversity, and investing time and efforts in protecting the ecosystem.

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The futuristic Lighthouse hotel in the South Korean sea is certainly a project to watch in terms of innovative design and technical challenges.

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Source: photos of Lighthouse hotel are courtesy of v2com.

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