Pantone Color of the Year 2019: Living Coral

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If you love swimming with the fishes, you are going to be thrilled about the Pantone Color of the Year 2019. Living Coral is so much livelier and more active than Benjamin Moore’s Metropolitan and Azko Nobel’s Spiced Honey. Or at least, you will stand out a bit more with the warm and spirited hue that sits in the middle between orange and pink with a bit of red mixed in and underlined golden tones.

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Pantone16-1546 beat out the competition and although it is a bit quieter than the previous years’ colors ultraviolet and greenery, it has a real chance to sweep the fashion industry, industrial designers, and creatives away with its joyful,comforting, and energizing presence.

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Based on research of customer behaviors, trends, and more, the Pantone Color Institute team selected the color of the coral reefs as the guiding color in 2019 to celebrate the institutes 20th anniversary.

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Much of the conversation in 2018 centers around the environment and saving the planet. living Coral as a nurturing color symbolizes human interaction, sociability, feeling close to nature. Some will say that not more attention should be given to the endangered coral reefs but rather they should have time to heal all by themselves. However, raising awareness about the life-affirming beauty of the reefs, their soothing sway in the water, and the rainbow of color hues, might just be what is needed.

The trend analysis showed that the vibrant and at the same time mellow Living Coral is the color that consumers are striving for in this era of digital disruption and onslaught of information overload that they are dealing with every second of the day.

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Yes, we love to get back to our beautiful homes in subdued colors of Metropolitan and Spiced Honey. But we also like to make a statement through our make-up – Living Coral works really well in lipstick color – or the latest wardrobe choices. Closer to home, Living Coral will contrast the quiet colors beautifully. It pops perfectly against light blue or teal, and hues of grey.

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Marriott’s independent hotel brand Tribute Portfolio took on the challenge of applying the new color to honor it. During ArtBasel Miami and Design Miami 2018, the Royal Palm South Beach Miami hotel sported a pop-up pantry in the best colors of nature. The pop-up interactive concierge service point is going to travel to Savannah, Georgia, and Rotterdam in the Netherlands soon.

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Living Coral is also endorsed by the Material ConneXion and Adobe. Both companies provide easier access and sourcing for graphic design and industrial design to the color through their tools and connections.

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We cannot wait to see all the optimistic, light-hearted, pastel-hued products, home furnishings, clothes, gadgets, and accessories created throughout this year. If you have some amazing Living Coral colored things, share some photos with us.

Living Coral aaa15437_S

Source: some Living Coral photos are courtesy of Pantone.


  1. I’ve had coral for my accent color throughout my home since we bought our last home in 2005. I love this color because it just makes me feel good, especially on dreary days. I’m so glad to see it’s the new trend again.

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