London Design Biennale – second edition open for visitors

London Design Biennale LDB18_Turkey_TabanliogluArchitects_EdReeve-01


Under the theme ‘Emotional States’ the most exciting and ambitious designers, innovators, architects, and creatives types come together at London Design Biennale at Somerset House between 4 and 23 September 2018 to celebrate the power of design.  London Design Biennale LDB18_Greece_StudioINI_NassiaIngessis_EdReeve-01The second edition of the London Design Biennale sees more than forty countries and territories present installations and art pieces that provoke conversations, invite individual interpretations, and create an immersive and engaging experience.  London Design Biennale LDB18_Australia_FlynnTalbotLtd_EdReeve-02The theme followed the idea of the 2017 Gallup report on Global Emotions. It begged for deeper connections from various design disciplines. Dr. Christopher Turner, artistic director of the London Design Biennale and now Head of Design, Architecture and Digital Collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum explains the Biennale theme as an extension of the report and a good way to ‘feel the global pulse’, considering the relationship between design, strong emotional responses, and real social needs.  London Design Biennale LDB18_UAE_Tinkah_EdReeve-03Seeing design through architecture and design creations, installations, and exhibits give visitors a chance to learn more about how design affects lives, how it can be a catalyst for social change, and further economic growth. The London Design Biennale is a platform for creativity that uses the language of design to attract talents, ideas, and thoughts.  London Design Biennale LDB18_Latvia_ArthurAnalts_EdReeve-03The exhibits were curated by renown museums such as V&A, Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian, Triennale (Milan), and the Qatar Museums. In collaboration with the founder Sir John Sorrell, Ben Evans and Christopher Turner, who are all personally active in the success of the event, the jury and international advisory committee has put together a stunning laboratory of ideas and a vibrant exhibition.  London Design Biennale LDB18_PrincessYachts_EdReeve-01Somerset House, an 18th-century historic building that was always a place for discussion and debate, is the perfect location for this global event that should serve to ‘create positive conditions for human flourishing’ according to Turner.  London Design Biennale LDB18_Lebanon_NathalieHarb_EdReeve-03While the Gallup Global Emotions report concluded that Paraguay is the country with the highest positive emotional experiences (out of 142 countries), the eclectic jury at the London Design Biennale is still out which country and installation will dominate the international design conversation.   London Design Biennale LDB18_India_TheGujralFoundation_EdReeve-01The projects address major challenges of the world, including sustainability, social equality and interpret these through the use of among others artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, performance, and other visions of the future.  London Design Biennale LDB18_TheNetherlands_MarjanvanAubel_EdReeve-03This September’s cultural and artistic destination is certainly at Somerset House – at least until the London Design Festival opens on 15 September 2018.  London Design Biennale LDB18_EMOTIONALSTATES_EdReeve-03Read more about the attractive and active London Design scene: KEC London event, London Art Fair, FX Awards London.   London Design Biennale LDB18_Radiance_HaberdasheryStudios_EdReeve-02

Source: Photos are courtesy of the London Design Biennale, photo credits Ed Reeve.

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