London Design Festival Impressions 2018

London Design Festival Impressions 100sign2018 (2)


Actually, the London Design Festival Impressions can be summed up in one word: overwhelm. Over the nine days of the festival from 4 to 23 September 2018, it touched so many different design and art disciplines that a quick and short digest might not be possible.  London Design Festival Impressions 100SIGN_20180920_120The events overlapped or were adjacent to each other and one was grander than the other. They definitely tried to outshine the others.  London Design Festival Impressions 100sign2018_125The designjunction at Southbank in London stood out with its outdoor installations, workshops, shopping events, pop-up stores, and great talks. In its 8th year, hundreds of product launches, exhibitions and presentations drew large crowds of people to the venues.  London Design Festival Impressions DJ London_The Mud Shell Project_4The Mud Shell at the Riverside walkway, a housing project built with ancient earth architecture techniques and combined with latest drone spraying was a highlight. Artist and designer Stephanie Chaltiel collaborated on the durable housing system with students of the Architectural Association School of Architecture to turn a temporary shelter in a permanent one by applying sustainable materials and advanced technologies.  London Design Festival Impressions Talks_002_100sign2018The talks with more than 50 speakers in 14 sessions focused on ‘equality and diversity’. The two-day event with discussions and debates was fiercely defended by designers and creative brands.  London Design Festival Impressions Exhibitor_013_100sign2018On a completely different stage and venue, the KOHLER Design Forum London looked into the future with ‘All Things Connected’. It fit nicely within the diversity and equality theme with two prominent female speakers on stage.  London Design Festival Impressions 100sign2018_121The phenomenal London Design Biennale drew visitors back in to revisit the creative and unique installations of forty countries and territories for a deeper look and some contemplation.  London Design Festival Impressions DJ LONDON_St Etienne_WGSN_LONDON INSTAL 04Only to catapult them back out to the trade shows that interspersed the London Design Festival. 100% Design showcased emerging designers and future innovations in West Kensington with exhibitions of best interiors in the areas of light, textile, furniture, and more.  London Design Festival Impressions 100sign2018_126The more than 27,000 architects, designers, and design-interested visitors also had a chance to wander through the display of 100% Build London that demonstrated the dedication and the focus of the construction and architecture industry.  London Design Festival Impressions 1536803860610Decorex International preceded Designjunction and 100% Design with a strong exhibition space at Syon Park where interior designers, artists, creative minds mingled with brands and products and picked up the latest trends in the industry.  London Design Festival Impressions 100sign2018_058Overall, the London Design Festival had something from the design world for everyone and some. The city brimmed with the creative energy of the industries and inspirations were found multifold.  London Design Festival Impressions Contemporary Chandelier Company_002_100sign2018The London Design Festival impressions will last for quite a while, confirming the city as the design capital.  London Design Festival Impressions Exhibitor_002_100sign2018

Source: photos of the London Design Festival Impressions are courtesy of the London Design Festival, 100% Design, Designjunction

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