London Design Forum – the role of colors in design

Kohler Design Forum London 2017 panel

The 2nd London Design Forum that we organized in collaboration with Blueprint Magazine in the month of September 2017 during the London Design Festival focused on color trends, the use of colors in architecture and interior design, the timing of when colors are going to be addressed during the design process, and the methodologies. Temporary installation by Adam Fruman at King's Cross LondonOur speakers at the Design Museum in London described their relationship with color and how they work with colors and the integration into the design and construction process. They showed remarkable London examples. Kohler London Design Forum speakers

London Design Forum Speakers

Kohler London Design Forum Speakers

Kohler London Design Forum speakers

Kohler London Design Forum SpeakersThe dichotomy often is taking into account all the stakeholders of new constructions e.g. client, occupants, passersby and also the architects themselves. The result is can be a compromise of all of the opinions or as Antoni Malinowski put it a ‘bland, flat, dull, grey, tofu-mixture’ color.Kohler London Design Forum colorsAt the London Design Forum, Mark Bickerstaffe described that we have a different relationship with color and probably more freedom in the interior space than architects externally. Our products are designed to elicit people’s feelings and emotions so that they want to express themselves and personalize the space by showing their life experiences and influences such as travel.Kohler London Design Forum life experiences and colors The products aim to create a canvas that customers can use as a basis for their self-expression or a surface for reflecting the color they want to add to a space.Kohler London Design Forum guest The panel discussion at the London Design Forum centered on the question whether permanence is pushing neutrality in architecture. The lively discussion continued on well after the lights went out on stage. The conversations including the audience carried on in a more informal setting.

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