Maison & Objet Paris 2018 – Impressions and new perspectives

Maison & Objet Paris MOJ18_Hall7_InspirationShowroom__AET4945_021

The much talked about interior design trade show Maison & Objet Paris drew to a close on 23 January 2018. The ‘Who is who’ of the design world not just from France or Europe but from all over the world rubbed shoulders with each other, the newbies, the up-and-coming local and international designers, and the design-interested public.Maison & Objet Paris MOJ18_Hall3_What'sNew3_AET6892_679

Exceptional ideas, news, and designs were presented and exchanged, talks blew people’s minds, and the energy and dynamism of the show set the pace for 2018 and the design world. Throughout the show, it was apparent that there is more global uniformity in design than ever before.Maison & Objet Paris 18_Hall7_InspirationShowroom__AET4928_007

The transparency through the media, especially social media, not only opens the eyes of the beholders geographically but it is also an ‘inside-out’ between public and private spaces. To stand out, designers focus on personalization and the sharing economy as well as collaboration.Maison & Objet Paris 18_Federico Peri_FontanaArte_Galerie wall lamp

Maison & Objet was also a place where lots of prizes and awards were given and tons of compliments were paid.Maison & Objet Paris 18_Hall3_What'sNew3_AET7003_732(1)

A whole section on Italian design paid tribute to the neighbor country and industry for its solid creations founded on the past experiences and thriving on the current and future makers and shakers. Visitors to the show had a chance to meet design queens Rossana Orlandi and Nina Yashar in person.Maison & Objet Paris 18_Atelier LAVIT - VENEZIA chair Nilufar Gallery 3 ©MarcoLavitNicora

The trend scouts spent a lot of time on the exhibition floors and honed into their ‘Les Decouvertes’. These were awarded cool recognitions:


Maison & Objet Paris_Hall6_PrixDecouverte_AET6702_SolaCube_577

MAIN Sauvage – All the stand!

maison & objet Paris Hall6_PrixDecouverte_AET6689_MainSauvage_570

Serax – La nouvelle table by Merci

Maison & Objet Paris _Hall6_PrixDecouverte_AET6680_Serax_566

KANN – BI Black

Maison & Objet Paris_Hall7_PrixDecouverte_AET6634_Kann_553

The favorite choice for the best booth on M&O Instagram was Brabbu.

Maison & Objet Paris Brabbu

But enough of others choices – how about you see for yourself? Here are some impressions and new perspectives for inspirations and new expressions of interior designs in 2018:

Maison & Objet Paris 18_Hall1_Ambiance_AET6740_595

Maison & Objet Paris 18_Federico Peri_BIBLIOTECA ITINERANTE_©StudioRocci

Maison & Objet Paris 18_Hall6_What'sNew__AET5442_216


Maison & Objet Paris 18_SEN - DE PADOVA - Photo by Tommaso Sartori

Maison & Objet Paris 18_Hall6_What'sNew__AET5441_215

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