SF Decorator Showcase 2019 – from Versailles to gangster crib

San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2019 mansion CS-190424_0176-2


The latest project of the San Francisco Decorator Showcase is the historic Le Petit Trianon mansion at 3800 Washington Street in Presidio Heights that was designed after a Versailles palace. The 1904 mansion has had quite a history from lavish family home to abandoned property to thug mansion and interior designers’ heaven.

The 2019 San Francisco Decorator Showcase that benefits the San Francisco University High School Financial Aid program and its 42nd edition brings nearly 50 landscape and interior designers together to showcase the best and the latest in interior design and landscaping on the West Coast.

Photo: Kurt Manley Photography

From April 27 to May 27, 2019, the doors are open to receive visitors to marvel at the small miracles the design community has done to the old mansion. The building was once the home of a prominent wool and textile family who organized costume balls, musical concerts, and cultural events.

The nine-bedroom and eight-bathroom house with a marble staircase that offered 33 spaces for the designers to use as their three-dimensional canvas was a showcase house once before. In 1982, the 18,000 square-foot space was used for the same fundraiser and the 2019 edition is even more extravagant and outlandish than the previous one.

SF Decorator Showcase Mansion
Photo: Jose Manuel Alorda

Although the building has not been officially inhabited for some time, it is a landmark in San Francisco with a permanent place in the National Register of Historic Places. Hardwood floors, wood-beamed ceilings, crown moldings, and ceiling treatments are just a few attributes that spurred the imagination of the designers.

SF Decorator Showcase Mansion
Photo: Rebecca Kmiec | becpix.com

The mansion’s upper floors provide wonderful views over the San Francisco Bay area and the beautifully sculpted garden. The extraordinary single-family home with its fantastic refurbishment by the top designers on the Coast is on the market for a selling price of 30 million dollars. That makes it the third-most expensive property currently on sale.

Photo: John Merkl

Stay tuned for more details on this fascinating project.

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Source: photos are courtesy of San Francisco Decorator Showcase, Zeterre, Elan Evans, Susan Chastain, Heather Hilliard. Feature Photo by Christopher Stark.

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