Marriott International defines the frontiers of innovation

Folsom FairfieldMarriott International is planning on signing 50 hotel deals with modular technology units in 2017. With one completed prefabricated hotel on the market, Marriott’s management is convinced that this an emerging trend. “Construction is the next frontier of innovation”, says chief development officer, Select Brands, North America, Eric Jacobs.

Folsom Fairfield
Site construction and crane set of the Folsom Fairfield project.

This prefabricated construction will save time and improve the construction quality. Usually the building time can be reduced and will lower the risk of labor shortages for the developers.
The 97-room, 52-module, three-story Folsom Fairfield Inn & Suites in California, USA was recently opened. The suites on the first floor and the entire second and third floors are built with modules. The construction process of such a property is completely different than the traditional method.Room at Folsom Fairfield “There’s a different rhythm of design and construction than what everyone in the industry is accustomed”, says Matt Samuelson, president of Integral Guide in Atlanta.The modules were fabricated within six weeks in the factory and include major appliances, counters, bathtubs, toilets, beds, sofas, chairs, desks, end tables, television sets, blinds, lights, vanities, and more. All prefabricated unites were fully furnished when arriving on the construction site that was prepared simultaneously to accommodate the modules. The installation on site then only took four days.
This year four more properties will open: Courtyard Pullman, Washington, AC in Oklahoma City, AC in Louisville, Kentucky, AC in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Source: photos are courtesy of Marriott Hotels, Hector Amezcua.

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