Mastering Moments – design process EASY

Mastering Moments - Easy

EASY – where to make time work well, we must compress friction and extend fluency.Mastering Moments Easy - butterfliesAs designers, this is where we must concentrate on interaction time – and manipulate it by removing time-consuming or frustrating steps and extending time where pleasure exists – ensuring comfort and sense of indulgence. Making people want to go to rather than simply through the bathroom.Mastering Moments Easy - Veil lightBy creating intelligent systems and more personalized experiences, time in the bathroom becomes attuned to finding calm and restoration – everyday rewards in time invested back in wellbeing.Mastering Moments Easy - Veil DarkMastering these moments is a complex challenge requiring vision, subtlety and craft… but it’s worth getting right; it is why we think our design stands the test of time.

Easy is just one of the four aspects of the design process. Learn more about the others.

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