Mastering Moments – design process ENABLING

Mastering Moments - Enabling

ENABLING – where thoughtful design reassures people that this is time not spent, but invested.
By connecting with people’s lives and values we can make rituals more personally meaningful. Mastering Moments Enabling - bridge into the sunsetAnd that assists a mindset that is about wellbeing, self-esteem, consciousness and nurturing capability.Mastering Moments Enabling - DTVWhere the product enables you to take your mind and body to another place.
DTV + brings together water, sound, steam, and light technologies to enable personal moments of escape – the luxury of being somewhere else for a time that is about you and how you feel… where you can relax, restore energy levels and invest in wellbeing.Mastering Moments enabling - steam
Mastering these moments is a complex challenge requiring vision, subtlety and craft… but it’s worth getting right; it is why we think our design stands the test of time.

Enabling is just one of the four aspects of the design process. Learn more about the others.

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