Mastering Moments – Design process ENDURING

Mastering Moments - Enduring


ENDURING: Meaningful moments instill a unique sense of value and meaning in things.
Mastering Moments Enduring clockTime goes into making things worthwhile; it shows when people center their lives around those things for years. When time is slowed down and the mind finds itself in a place of safety, comfort, confidence, and optimism, associations are made that transcend fashion and the trick of time.Mastering Moments Enduring - artifactsEnables people to become more intimately engaged with their spaces by giving them freedom to create the faucet they want to live with.
Inspired by turn of the century charm, each piece is like a vintage treasure rediscovered.Mastering Moments enduring - vintageThese are the elements of a room that become entwined with our lives – things that become manifestations of moments that are uniquely personal. Surely a form of luxury that can’t be bought?Mastering Moments Enduring - artifactsMastering these moments is a complex challenge requiring vision, subtlety and craft… but it’s worth getting right; it is why we think our design stands the test of time.

Enduring is just one of the four aspects of the design process. Learn more about the others.

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