Mastering Moments – design process ENGAGING

Mastering Moments - Engaging

ENGAGING: Making time meaningful means making it visceral.
Mastering Moments engaging - handIn the moment, we must focus on optimizing sensation to feel alive, engaged and connected to ritual or self-investment.
By thoughtfully addressing the senses we can connect with people at a deeper level of feeling and emotion – going beyond logic or reason to create a sense of escape.Mastering Moments engaging - real rain visualHeightening the sense of presence and readiness in the moment.
The luxury of time spent here relies on our ability to optimize the sensation of feeling alive, engaged and connected with our selves.Mastering Moments engaging - real rain product

Real Rain™ is the result of our desire to capture the experience of rain and bring it inside, to re-create a summer rain that takes us back to moments of pure joy. This is an experience that unfolds with time – where raindrops begin to fall softly and slowly grow in strength and speed until the shower feels, sounds and looks like a warm summer rain. Mastering Moments engaging - real rain nozzlesA deluge function captures that moment in a storm when the sky opens in a sudden energetic burst of heavy rain.Mastering Moments engaging - hand in the rain
Mastering these moments is a complex challenge requiring vision, subtlety and craft… but it’s worth getting right; it is why we think our design stands the test of time.

Engaging is just one of the four aspects of the design process. Learn more about the others.

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