Mastering Moments – designing luxury – the process

Mastering moments

We have been talking about ‘time’ and ‘moments’ in general so far. Let’s turn to your work more specifically. Are these aspects important in Kohler Company’s design philosophy? Mission statement Kohler on Gracious Living

Isn’t this the quality that artists try to capture in their work? A moment with a meaningful sense of time, place and feeling. These moments are special. They are luxuries in themselves. We seek to embed the essence of this luxury in everything that we do.

Sunset St. AndrewsGracious Living is a mission statement that has driven Kohler Company for many years. And as the issue of time comes to the fore again – so do the right design principles…

It’s about properly considering purpose and need…and responding with creativity and character. Artfully realizing our work and executing it with care that people can see, touch… and feel.Faucets in water

In short – design worth making time for – things done well are to be enjoyed and passed on.  Kohler Company commits time and care to product development and its impact on the world. If it isn’t worthwhile or of value, it doesn’t get done.

Gracious Living is about creating experiences that center on human pleasure – simple, delightful, insightful design that is charming and beautiful to live with.Experiencing the now

Carefully considered with empathy and artistry, design can help us to savor the ‘Now’. To make you stop. Think. Smile. Find and be in that moment. In our world, the opportunities to do this center on elegantly addressing the relationship between people, product, place, and ritual.

And designing luxury means creating a sense of meaningful pleasure in the moment.Asian woman in bathtub

How do you go about designing luxury? Do you have a process that you follow?

Yes, it requires us to think across four aspects: EASY / ENABLING / ENDURING / ENGAGING.

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