Mastering Moments – 4 aspects of the design process

Mastering moments

Mark Bickerstaffe, director of New Product Development K&B, shared his insights to Kohler’s team designing luxury that signifies creating a sense of meaningful pleasure in the moment. Here are four aspects of it:
Mastering Moments - EasyEASY where to make time work well, we must compress friction and extend fluency.

Mastering Moments - EnablingENABLING where thoughtful design reassures people that this is time not spent, but invested.

Mastering Moments - EnduringENDURING where meaningful moments instill a unique sense of value and meaning in things.

Mastering Moments - EngagingENGAGING where making time meaningful means making it visceral.

Meaningful moments are in what we see and feel. They are contextual and personal.
Gracious Living delivers the luxury of time with design that is beautiful and better; it brings presence and touches the soul.Mastering Moments - moment
Mastering these moments is a complex challenge requiring vision, subtlety and craft… but it’s worth getting right; it is why we think our design stands the test of time.

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