Meeting the Artist: Nguyen Ngoc Lam


Sculptural artist Nguyen Ngoc Lam is one of the artists who pioneer contemporary sculpture in Vietnam.

Nguyen Ngoc Lam is a sculptural artist from Hanoi, Vietnam. He obtained his Master Degree from Vietnam University of Fine Arts. He is one of the pioneer artist for contemporary sculpture in Vietnam. To him, art is the language of dreams, therefore, most of his sculptural artworks are inspired from making dreams to reality.

Ngoc Lam’s achievements includes major group exhibitions and projects held nationally and globally such as MECA, Portland, USA , Festival Les nuits de Romance, La Rochelle, France, 2007; and “Mapped” Ceramic Exhibition, Singapore, 2007.

Ngoc Lam was granted several awards such as “37th Street Project” Grant, L’Espace Cultural Centre/French Embassy of Viet Nam; and 3rd Prize of the 4th Nationwide Sculpture Exhibition, Van Ho Cultural Centre. His artworks have been displayed at Vietnam Fine Arts Museum.


“I’m Nguyen Ngoc Lam, contemporary sculpture artist, represent to Vietnam in KOHLER Bold. Art Program rolled out in Southeast Asia.”

“As my observation, source of life in the region is the wet rice civilization which is something very specific to our root. That’s why I choose the germinated grain seed and the tree image as my inspiration for the artworks in this program.”

“Tree or human both are the bridge connecting the sky with the earth, and connecting two poles of Yin and Yang.”

“The seed is the symbol of origin, the accumulation. The sprout is the symbol of the life, development, and transformation toward the future.”


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